Getting it.

Isn’t love the grandest thing, ever?  I love my friend Bill, no seriously I LOVE him.  LOVE him.  It is good to see him, I haven’t seen him since I had my hair done, he makes  me twirl.  He loves it.  Oh please if you hate it tell me I say cause some people hate it and some people love it.  I LOVE it!  It is elegant he says, just elegant.  We are sitting and talking.  I realize while I am talking to him, about absolutely nothing, just laughing, teasing each other, being silly with each other, old friends.  Old friends.  Hey I say help me interpret my dream.  I tell him the dream. He has an interesting take on it.  Here is it is.  The new set of rooms, the gateway of which is the laundry room represents a clean slate.  A new environment, a place I take care of how I choose, a place that is my own, a place that has many friends and family, a place that has lots of light and room, it is where I am right now.  But see here is the part that makes the most sense to me.  I have to really get comfortable with this new place.  I have to dig in, live a little and have some fun.

We are wearing our wonder-twin necklaces.  He tells me one of his students spoke to him about it, and he in returned talked to the student about his own buddhist necklace.  Oh I say that must be X.  Yes he says it is him how did you know?  I don’t know I say I just guessed.  He will know me I say, he is a rather talented artist, you should tell him I gave it to you.

We touch our wonder twin necklaces together.  Form OF I say.  And he kisses me on the cheek.  Shape OF I say  and cuddle up against him.  We both giggle.  It is this kind of physical comfort that I love about him.  Before I leave he wraps his arms around me.  I cuddle my head under his chin and we hold each other for a long time.  I love you I tell him.  I love you too, he says. Now go so I can call my husband.  I am going I say, so I can write in my blog.

Bill is a treasure to me.

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