Spring Weeding

I get home from work with a long list of chores written on a scrap of paper stuck inside a book a would rather be reading.  I start with throwing in a load of towels and other bathroom laundry.  Then I drag up the solar lights from the basement.  I hook the dog to the front step and grab the recycle bin and start weeding.  As usual passersby stop to comment, ah finally getting started on the garden I see, oh that’s alot of work, looking good.  I start on the front and work my way back around the edges.  About an hour and a half later my back has taken about all it can.  And my arms and wrists are sore too.  I am not even half way done but I need to stop.  I weed whack the edges and pop in the solar lamps too.  I think in my mind of both greed and self criticism that I haven’t done much, but later after I throw in another load of laundry, clean the cat boxes, take out the trash and recyclables and wash and chop fresh veggies and saute some greens, I decide to go for a walk.  As I step outside I see that indeed I have accomplished quite a lot.  Sometimes taking a step back and looking at something again later you see more than you did before.  That is my profound words of wisdom for the day.  Take the time to let it all sink in.


4 comments on “Spring Weeding

  1. Meg,

    It is always good to step back from the space we are in… That is how meditation works. Allowing us to “see” deeper than what is just in front of us.
    One of the reasons I blog/write it to track the exchange of energy, to view the changes/evolution of behavior and or actions. To vision the creative work that I have done.
    Yes it is all about weeding, and doing and being…

  2. The thing I’ve always appreciated about weeding is that one can never finish it – there is always another weed missed somewhere and the garden will never be perfectly done. But it is still beautiful unfinished and imperfect and the sense of satisfaction can be enjoyed, the work made a difference in spite of an imperfect result. It’s one of my favorite metaphors for life and it helps me feel so grounded.

  3. Barbara, very profound. You are absolutely right. I was waiting for my daughter to come outside so I could drive her someplace and I was picking out one stem of grass here and there. How could I miss it, it is so tall and towers over the lambs ears etc. Our own imperfection too at trying to weed out all the stuff, right?

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