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Flying Away

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”  Arundhati Roy

The Bird of Faith by Amberineswirlsofdust at Deviant Art
 Helene Deroubaix

I ate strawberry shortcake for breakfast with homemade scones.  It was delicious.  I know I eat weird stuff for breakfast sometimes, but strawberries and a biscuit doesn’t seem too odd to me.  At work one of my Karen students comes in.  I call her Little Clown.  She could also have the nickname Mother Hen but she does that with the other students, with me she is Little Clown.  Yesterday I gave her a blanket my Mom had sewed for a friend’s baby a couple years ago, it has been in my closet since then.  It wasn’t what I wanted so I asked my Mom to make something a little nicer, but then here I had this small blanket.  I knew that Little Clown’s mother had just had a baby so I gave it to her.  She gave me a note, sealed in an old utility company envelope, inside drawn and written on the back of some junk mail was a picture of me and a picture of her with her little brother.  It said.  Dear Ms. Gregory (Der, Ms.  Rgrgy) I love you.  My family we are your family.  (Me fam we fam).  Dude really, little tear.  I join the kids in the ESL classroom they are having a little party for all the work they did with testing last week.  I go in and all the kids are so sweet, oh please sit down.  Have some strawberries, look there is a plate there for you.  I help pass out the food and have class in just a moment, so I have to go.  As I leave I blow kisses, they each blow a kiss to me in turn waiting for me to blow one  back.

Later the kindergarteners come in and ask for Cheekzilla.  I tell them he has gone to the beach, that he was wearing a bikini with cupcakes on it, he had sunscreen and a straw hat, and a lunch bag full of cheeks and pink lemonade.  That he was wearing a pair of flip flops this big (big foot sized).  They sat eyes wide as I told the story.  The believed every word.

Seriously I love my job some days.

I get home and run my daughter to the bank, stopping to buy her and the dog ice cream.  I get a soy iced caramel mocha.  I look back at the dog while my daughter is driving and I see this glassy eyed half asleep look, he can barely sit, his front legs collapsing under him.  What is wrong buddy I say before I realized he is completely stoned on painkillers.  Yesterday he had dental surgery and a lumpectomy.  I teased my daughter that when she stepped on the brakes it shouldn’t be like she was trying to squash a cockroach.  She giggled and then cracked up, I love the way her whole face crinkles up into a hundred dimples and creases when I get her to laugh like this.

I went to yoga for the first time since January.  I wasn’t even recognized by one of the regulars, my hair is so different.  Wow was I stiff, my hamstrings were so tight, which is not tight compared to the average person mind you.  I can bend over and touch my hands flat on the floor, usually.  It was good to be there tonight it was a small group.  Dick was in good spirits today and between my friend Sarah and I we were teasing him so much.  I love how he laughs when I tease him too.  He mock complained at one point threatening to expel me, but Sarah defended me saying that teasing was a sign of affection, which Dick and I have discussed on numerous occasions.  I also did what I believe is called King Pigeon.  Pigeon with a back bend and taking your back foot in hand.  I had to use a strap for my foot, but it was really a lovely pose.  Once home I rode my bike for 4.5 miles.  Then walked stitches in the belly boy for a half mile.  Would have gone the other half but it was starting to lightning into the light rain, so I decided against it.

There is no insight for me today to share with the world.  Sometimes life is about the everyday, this day was a good one.

4 thoughts on “Flying Away

  1. Life is always about the everyday! It is what we chose to make of it that gives it juice, and you have given your life some juice!!! Well done!

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