The gift I am giving myself

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There is hard work to be done, the small things that make all things right, the laundry, the vinyl and leather in the car interior, the weeds to be pulled, the vines to tame, the old dirt to reclaim, the tub to scrub, the bills to be paid.  There is hard work to be done, the exercise and fresh air to make me feel healthy, the car wash, a thumb drive, the bird seed.  The work for Council of Park Friends.  I take photos of the beautiful flowers in my garden.  There is also fun to be had, as I crank up Led Zeppelin, and sing along to the Doors.  I watch my neighbor with his new used bike.  The dog barks too much.  I lug the planters to the back, my arm muscles strong.  I look at my strong legs that want to walk.  I think of my heart that is well mended but looking for more.  I think of my soul battered but bright.  And my mind that sometimes feels a little fuzzy.  But holds me in good stead.  I wait for my phone to ring, but only my cousin calls.  And I am good with that.  I am giving myself this gift.  I am unwrapping it ribbon by ribbon.  I wonder what is inside the mystery box.


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