My Lover

You have abandoned me my darling.
And I wait for your return.
I long for the soft caress of your hands upon my forearms.
I ache for your tender kiss on my closed eyelids.
I yearn for the warm embrace of your body entwined with my own.
My beloved, My beloved?
I beckon you but you do not come.
And finally in the last hour of the long night you are there.
You take me on a journey
to a sacred spring
atop a high cliff
you wink at me my darling
as you take my hand
to lead me down
the long steps
to the altar
laid in brick far far below.
You tease me,
my laughter echoes on these ancient walls.
And I can hear a sacred hymn of the angels
as I am filled with joy and praise.
But before we have reached this deep
pool into which the crystal sparkling water pours
and before I have even had a drink.
You are pulled away from me
In the light of dawn.

Now when I need you to
You do not leave me.
I long for my eyes to open

And for your hand on my backside
urging me out of my bed.



5 comments on “My Lover

  1. Your words make my heart ache with longing… Love this line: “my laughter echoes on these ancient walls.”

  2. Guess this is not as good of a poem as I had hoped. My lover is the desire to sleep, and when I finally do, I have this marvelous dream of the man I actually desire (unrequited I do not know and yes I am a yellow bellied chicken of the worst kind). A really marvelous dream. But before the dream has ended my alarm goes off, and all I want to do is stay in my bed, and finish the dream. Alas.

    • Just because we didn’t get it doesn’t mean it isn’t good, Meg! I think it’s a beautiful thing that it can be understood in more than one way, and I think this is true with most poetry and art. Oh boy, though, there are so many aborted dreams I wish in vain that could be finished! Seen in the light of your intended meaning, your description of the interruption is very good!

  3. Right and of course I know this, I know art is about the perceiver, thanks for the reminder. 🙂 I wanted this dream to finish but at the same time it was one of those dreams where you feel like it was sent by the divine, it was absolutely rife with spiritual meaning. And of course my crush was there holding my hand. I wanted that back, for sure.

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