He and I work side by side to set up our campsite, he has brought everything really, despite my many camping items, I have  brought basically nothing but myself and a sleeping bag.  And after just a little while we are relaxing together by a campfire.  We watch fireflies dance in the darkness.  And later in the tent we are looking up listening to the rain, we exclaim together in wonder as we realize one firefly has been trapped in there with us.  We watch together waiting for it to flash.  The day dawns with a heavy mist, which burns off into a warm sunny day.  There are periodic flurries of cottonwood across the grounds of the festival throughout the day.  Later after the music is done and the vendors have gone away, we walked down with his homemade rum and hung out with the band.  They sing baudy tunes they could not sing in the daytime, while the children ran around with their wooden or plastic swords and plastic guns that popped with the coolest sound.  After a while the singing has ended and we walk back to the tent my arm linked with his as we cross the uneven terrain in the dark.  In the morning he gets up first to make the coffee and I am lazy in my sleeping bag.  I tell him I feel awkward because he is doing all the work of the campsite, providing everything.  There is a certain pleasure or pirates treasure in being treated with such regard. The early morning mist quickly burns off to a hot day.  A mother asks if she can take a picture of us with her small little boy, dressed as a pirate, my friend, myself and several other pirates from the band.  The little boy looks scared to death.  I gently take his hand, come on sweetheart I say, come on over here with me, he is smiling and saying ARRR and in a moment the pictures are taken!  A small group of us stage a pirate raid near our campsite, the pirate shoots off a flintlock pistol filled with gunpowder and small caps, it makes a big noise, we stop the hayride wagons and demand that they give us their loot.  We throw them candy.  Various players from the band, and from another pirate troupe help us throughout the day.  At the end of the day we work side by side taking down the tents, there is a natural comfort in it, I cannot describe.  I am bruised, and sunburned, and tired to the bone.  But this my dear friends, makes the pain of my divorce so very very inconsequential.  I feel amazing.  And after having pirate men flirt with me all weekend, I feel absolutely beautiful.  But best of all is the treasure of having a pirate for a friend.

Pirate Festival, Marathon NY, early morning mist on the campground


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