My heart skips a beat

He won’t look at me, he walks by me and again.  Hey, I say what is going on are you mad at me for some reason.  He comes and sits by me, he is hanging his head.  What’s up?  I ask him.  You don’t have the book for me huh?  No, he says I don’t, I thought YOU would be mad at me!  Oh honey I say, so what if I were mad at you.  You always can come and talk to me.  It’s okay if I am mad at you, I still want to hear from you, I still want you to say hello and to answer me when I call you.  Okay he says, I will.  And he puts his arm over my shoulder.  You know I am your Mom at school so you cannot walk by me and act like you don’t see me.  No matter what I will stand by you.  And if I am mad, I am mad.  Its all okay.  Okay Ms. G. he says.  I will remember.

Later that same day my friend the Armenian comes in and checks the kiln, she has been kind enough to show me how to use it.  I once knew but it has been over 10 years since I actually had a kiln to work with.  She walks out and then walks back in, I am so sorry to bother you but can I borrow a dollar.  No I say, you cannot borrow a dollar, its just a dollar I will give you a dollar, you don’t have to pay me back.

This group of kids I have on Monday and Friday afternoons are wonderful.  The young man whose dad passed away was in the class today.  He told me at least twice that he thought I was a bad teacher and he didn’t like me.  Okay I say, I guess I deserve that.  I know he doesn’t mean it because he has a big grin on his face when he says it.  He teases me they all start to actually in the line trying to steal my cola, and horsing around.  The sub sticks her head in wide eyed.  Its my fault I say, I got them riled.  On my desk are several pages of scrap paper with messages to me, I will miss you.  I love you Ms. Gregory and other messages along the same lines.  My heart flips in my chest.

I begin reading a book about pottery techniques during my planning period.  I am having a hard time concentrating on it because I am thinking about my pirate. My phone buzzes in my pocket and I take it out to set it on the table.  It is my pirate.  My heart flips in my chest. I answer him.  I go back to my book.  I really cannot concentrate now.  I give thanks.



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