You are home to me.

Your smiling face that is so like mine.
The way you tease me as a sign of affection
The jokes you make that make me smile
Your brilliant eyes as they gaze at me.
Your attention, your time, your kindness
the shared memories both old and new
the way you wrap your arms around me
and kiss me.
The way you let me squeeze your butt.
The way you step in and protect me from my demons
both the eight legged and the two legged variety
The way you accept me as I am
The way you see the same things I do
The comfort I feel in your presence.
The way you seek me out
when I am not there,
The way you draw me towards you
with that animal spirit.
The way you make me laugh out loud.
The way you know just what to say to make me cry with happiness.
The way you know how to make me laugh when I cry with sorrow.
The way I feel giddy when my phone rings
The way I feel calm about your position in my life.
The way you come to me with your hopes, your fears and your dreams
The way you trust me with your sorrows.
The way you make even the long boring moments of life more interesting.
You are the people I love
My daughter,
my family,
my friends.

You are home to me.


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