My Eye’s Reflection


they say that eyes are the window to the soul.
if this is true then your eyes are like the deepest waters
of the clearest lake
on a mountain top
i can see clear to the spring
housed deep in a cave
at the very core of you.

i tell you i am shy and that i still feel nervous
i don’t tell you that mostly i feel at home
and sometimes i feel so unafraid of you
that i could close my eyes and fall a thousand feet into your waiting arms.
and when i tell you what my favorite is
and later you bring it to me unasked
there is nothing here inside me
except faith replaced by grace.

carving a tiki mask with your own chainsaw?
they say that i dance to the beat of my own drummer
and as you rest apologetic at your eccentricities
i find my heart beating out the rhythm for you.
dance my friend, i will dance with you.

And later still as your lips kiss my neck, my shoulders,
and all down my backbone
i am like a lizard in the morning sun
i can only blink and savor
as my blood grows warm.

they say that the eyes are the window to the soul
i wonder what mine reflect to you?


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