my true friend

Picture file of a glass mural sent to me by my friend who is full of Grace.

You text me early in the morning to respond to my late text about the pirate, I have discovered his flaw I tell you, with a smile in my heart.  I knew there had to be one.  Your joking response is that is it, the romance is over.  I confess the truth and you tell me not to allow anyone to have power over me, I have seen the results of such mistakes already.  I see the truth of the words and I thank you.  Thank you for reminding me to keep my head.  It is what you say next that causes salt water laden dark green splotches on my pale green sheets.  I immediately lock your words into my cell phone so I won’t lose the words.  “Your heart is yours and is big and beautiful and whole and great and deep and brilliant and needs no man to complete nor mend it.”  I respond to you my love, my darling, my friend:  “If you ever wonder in the cynical moments why I am a “true” friend out of all those people, you should stand in front of a mirror and see what you have been to me.  I love you. ”  I honor you always.  Today, I will wear my wonder twin necklace and the form I will take is that of a strong woman who has you as a friend.


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