She walked out into the sun, and although the air in the pod was cool, the sun and the air outside were hot.  She shifted the pack on her back and headed out on the overgrown path to what she knew would be a cool and dark ravine.  Everyone else in the pod was playing video games or asleep.  She patted the pocket of her jumpsuit, and felt the map she had printed from the 80 year old computer she had repaired just a few days before, she tried not to think of what might happen to her fellow pod dwellers if they had any idea of how antiquated and how likely  the technology was to fail utterly and completely, at least as long as she was on the job.  It made no sense that she was a computer tech.  She just wasn’t good at it, and she never would be, but linguistics? That should have been her area of expertise.

She walked for some time heading further downhill and deeper into the forest.  She stopped to listen to the sounds, to examine the plants that bent into the path, to at times, clear her way through, finally after about an hour of trudging through the lush and verdant woods she stopped to drink some water, and heard the water rushing through the ravine nearby.  She walked quickly until she pushed through a thick layer of brush and finally came out into the open where there was a wide rocky area worn smooth by many seasons of heavy water, but now was a rushing brook that cut through the center of the layered rock.

She lowered her pack to the sunny rock and took she wiped her sweating  brow with the sleeve of her tunic, she sat on a low rock in the sun and drank deeply from the water container she had carried with her.  After a few minutes she unzipped her tunic and removed it completely sitting in the sun in her under tunic.  The water looked so cool and inviting that after only a short time she walked over and bending down she put her hands into the rushing stream.  It was so cool and so refreshing, but was rushing by so quickly she did not feel safe.  She walked back and picked up her pack and made her way upstream until she came to around a bend in the stream and looked up to see a waterfall at least 100 feet high pouring down into the stream.  In an area just to one side of the stream was an small pool that was not rushing but instead was swirling more quietly.  She sat on a rock and dangled her legs in the water.  She knew that there were no real predators in this region except for the Onzheli, so she felt safe to put cool off her legs and splash water on her arms and face.  She knew that on Earth humans could swim too, but she had never learned, how could she growing up trapped in the pod?

Eh so that is it.  All I have tonight.


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