I went to the park this morning with the dog.  It was a beautiful morning.  I forgot to put on bug spray and found the mosquitoes were quite hungry on at least one of the paths.  I did a super big loop and back tracked around, probably about 3.5 miles altogether.  I was psyched to see how much “Meg’s Trail” had been cleared out.  It looks like a real path on the far end where it comes into Long Trail.  At that point earlier it was so grown over with small bushes it was a little hard to find.  It looks like at this point turning it into a real trail is just a formality.  I am so pleased about this.  It is a great little trail that cuts off the necessity in the winter of trying to hike around the Cliff Trail which can be so slippery and treacherous, giving one access to the back trails that are only accesable really via the Lake Trail, the Cliff Trail or going off trail altogether at the end of Long Trail.

Sancho on "Meg's Trail"


Honey Bee on Butterfly Weed


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