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Every Day is Precious


He arrives right on time.  He has, of course a coffee, black the way I actually drink it, waiting for me in his truck.  His eyes are so beautiful this morning, he compares them to tiger eyes, but they are not like a tiger, more like a panther.  They are brilliant, golden shining things that I want very much to be looking at me.  It takes him forever to dress and I laugh at him and at my own life telling him how my father would whistle and pace when things dragged on too long.  I tell him I am there lets go, only I clap my hands and say chop chop princess you look lovely.  I love that he is a strong enough man to take being teased.  He has made me a leather strap to hold my brass tankard to my belt, the brass tankard I spent 3 dollars on at the Antique Show and that I spent an additional three dollars for brass cleaner.  I love how it is faceted and sparkles in the brilliant July sun.  I texted him earlier and told him I wanted a boot knife, he has pulled through at the last minute and brought me a lovely prop dagger that is perfect for my boot.  And I also am carrying a muskrat purse attached to my belt.  It was also at the Antique Show, but I did not buy it, instead he went back the second day without me, and he bought it for me.  Today he is dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and the children follow him around running up to him and saying hi, and the young women blush and cover their faces and ask to have their photos taken with him while their young indulgent boyfriends look on.  And there are also the older women too, who smile with a saucy knowing look and ask for the same.  It is I behind the camera, pleased more or less because I see how it delights the pirate, and the ladies.   I love too that the ladies here dressed in their boostiers and corsets are like me, flirtatious and tossing innuendos out like fallen handkerchiefs.  Three of us most buxom beauties stand abreast, and our pictures are taken, it is a six pack.  We begin to talk to another Capt. Jack Sparrow, a young handsome version, and his father and their friend.  We end up somehow spending much of the day with them, walking away and meeting up again.  The rum, rum jello shots, and secret liquor is passed in silver flasks, try this.  MM.  Try this.

While I am waiting for the long line to pass where my pirate is waiting to obtain beverages, I a plate of pierogies in hand, I am talking to the group from the alternative Capt. Jack.  Are you going to eat those or just stand there holding them, one of them asks.  No I am waiting for my pirate, I say.  I am saucy with these gentlemen.  Flirting cautiously, innuendos abound.  They laugh and smile and one of them says you are a treasure.  Thank you I say, I just want him to think that.  He does, says the gentleman, he just doesn’t want to let on, because he is a man and that is how we do things.  We turn and his back is to us.  Ah I say but he does not glance at me from across the room, so I cannot be too sure.  I turn away.  And the man I am speaking to laughs and says he just looked over here.  I smile big.  Cool.  I say.  Very cool.  And when I turn again, he also turns and I see his panther eyes like the moon shining as he grins at me.

At the end of the day, our bodies are hot and sweaty and we are just a short drive from the lake, so we get in the truck and drive there, I change into my bathing suit in the parking lot, doing what I can discreetly and then he graciously holds a towel up guarding my modesty while he looks on with those panther eyes.  Perfect.  Absolutely Perfect.  The water is so refreshing it is not necessary to stay in it long, ten minutes and then we are on the beach passing the camera back and forth between us, taking pictures of the rocks, the driftwood and the sun as it is setting over Lake Ontario.

And here is where I place my hands on my face, covering my eyes before God.  I give thanks for this precious day, though it has not yet ended.  I remember so many years ago, having days like this, where I awoke early, laughed and grinned and had a most pleasant day, spent time in nature watching the sun set, and that feeling the one that you get when you have had such a perfect day is settling into me right now.  I am so thankful.  When I uncover my eyes he is looking at me, and he gestures for me to come to him, and I run in my muppet like fashion to be with him.  Eager for his kiss.

Later when he helps me bring in my things, he hands me a wrapped package.  And I take it from him.  I knew he had bought something, and he has teased me, not letting on more than the accidentally slipped secret that he had bought two items when I had thought he bought one.  I am unwrapping it expecting a zombie, but instead it is this gargoyle.  I am pleased beyond measure, even more so than if it had been a zombie.  I am touched, deeply, and as I look up from it to him, I see those golden eyes, sparkling at me.

And I feel like I am a precious treasure.

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