Forged from the Salted Sea

Marooned with an Elephant

Rueful she snaps the lid of the strong box closed,

one could call it a treasure chest
or the precursor to a Halliburton case
but maybe her avatar thinks
maybe it is just a stupid cardboard box.

Whats inside my lady
asked the pirate,
who could see for himself it was a shining pearl.
that is no treasure, said he
it is but an iron musket ball

She sits herself upon the breaking rocks
as the ship sails itself away
along with the nina the pinta and the santa maria
this is not an unmooring
it is a marooning

i am a fool she cries to the darkening sky
why do you delight in hurting me so?
the surf pounds so loud
she cannot hear the reply
that nonetheless is not forthcoming.

Here he is with a patch on each eye
he cannot see but is not blind
the apparition moans
and rattles its chains
but it is always Velma not Daphne who solves the mystery

But it is Daphne that they all choose.

She holds her treasure box
even though it is just a stupid cardboard box
and inside,

it is just a stupid rock.
forged from the salted sea.

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