Enchilada Lasagna

I love enchiladas, there is a local eatery called Alto Cinco that makes really good ones.  Alas my financial situation made it so that I could not really buy take out so I decided to make enchiladas myself.  Problem is, that they are a pain in the beep to make.  The corn tortillas are always too small and they come unwrapped and it is really time consuming.  Today I decided to make an enchilada lasagna.  All the yummy goodness of an enchilada without all the fuss.  My daughter who eats like a bird who only likes frozen dinners and candy (how did I ever give birth to such a child I will never know!) said “Mom, this is the best thing you have ever made!”

Here is the recipe:

Open a can of enchilada sauce.
cut up one chicken breast and saute in oil until it is done through, add about 2 Tbsp of enchilada sauce and a diced onion, two chopped cloves of garlic and about 1/2 of a red, orange or yellow pepper.
Meanwhile spray the bottom of a round cake pan, and then add a thin coating of enchilada sauce.  Place corn tortillas so it covers the bottom.  I used 3 cut in half and placed so the bottom doesn’t show through.  When chicken and veggies are done add about half to first layer.  Cover with another layer of corn tortillas.  Cut up about a cup and a half of spinach and put on this layer.  cover with another layer of tortillas.  Then coat the top of the tortillas with more enchilada sauce.  Add the remaining chicken mixture.  Another layer of tortillas and a thin coat of enchilada sauce then about a cup of cheese (I used soy cheddar) Place a final layer of tortillas on top and then cover with a generous amount of enchilada sauce.  Top with sliced pickled jalapeno peppers.  Cover with foil and cook at 375 for a half hour.  Serve with sliced avocado and diced green onions.




5 comments on “Enchilada Lasagna

    • Seasweetie, I made them so that they overlapped enough to cover the layer. But it was not like one full one on top of another, nor was it side by side like pasta, because pasta swells I think more than tortillas do. So they over lapped by like a centimeter-ish. It is tasty!! Let me know how it turns out.

  1. This is hilarious!!! I miss ALTO CINCO!!! I am scared that if your beautiful daughter still wants frozen dinners & candy, ahhh – I thought they outgrew that!!! Oh, motherhood – gotta love it! Miss year!!! XOXO’s

    • Patricia, she actually ate the leftovers for dinner!!! She is really hit or miss, somedays I am shocked to see her eating a plate of veggies and then other days it is just candy bars and marshmallows spread with peanut butter. And she doesn’t weigh an ounce over 115. Evil child. I eat veggies and fruit and whole grains and exercise every freaking day. It just isn’t fair!!!

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