Spotify – It finally happened!!

I have this friend I knew in college.  We pledged the same siblinghood (men and women so not a fraternity and not a sorority) although at different times.  He was cool, we didn’t hang out much but now as an adult I see we could have been much better friends than we were.  We are both sci-fi geeks and we have really eclectic taste in music, which I have only learned through Facebook.   He invited me to Spotify today which is just great because right now I am listening to a band I have never heard of that I really like. As I play more with it, I discover another friend from the same group of people is also on Spotify.  It was a time in my life when I eschewed television, and all I really did was listen to music, read, paint and hang out with friends.  I also watched The Next Generation whenever I could which was a bit more rare, although now watching it on Netflix I have seen the vast majority of the episodes at some time.  I still prefer the original.  One of the highlights of my very eventful weekend was meeting Walter Koenig or Chekov from the series.  The opening note of the Lion King brought me to tears.  To say nothing of the amazing costumes and puppetry!  And dancing with a zombie at an after party.  (she said with a big ass grin on her face).

Anyway.  I am just psyched to have been invited.

This is The Kooks with Petulia:   


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