Love and Compassion

Well at least I found out why Bill has not been talking to me, he has been in the hospital because a kid beat the hell out of him.  He is out now and recovering but will be out of work for a few weeks.  I think it was the last straw for him, the years and years of inner school teaching has finally taken its last toll.  Last night we all had dinner together, it was good to see them both, John and I made plans to go to the Zendo together next week and return to our ritual of eating dinner after the sit.  We both are really looking forward to it. I love my dear friends.  And I should remember that they love me.  And note to self, if I don’t hear from Bill for a few days, something is wrong.  Very.  Very.

After dinner I sped up to my friends Mark and Ellen’s house for tea and dessert. I know both of their families, although Ellen’s better.  I am friends with her dad, and have met many of her uncles and aunts and cousins and last night I finally got to meet her brother, who has been my Facebook friend for over 2 years but is visiting from Virginia.  She has been telling me for years that I just have to meet him.  I now understand why.  He is a deeply spiritual person and it is obvious.  He is a gifted artist and a musician.  And in many ways like Ellen, whom I love and adore, but also different, in a way that intrigues me.  He too has gone through his own romantic troubles, and the upset that causes in life.  I felt very much like I had met a new friend.

So for a Deathiversary the day had its own message.  Let your love and compassion for others take you away from your own troubles, and remember that others have gone through what you have, or worse and you are not alone.


10 comments on “Love and Compassion

  1. Why? How did Bill get beat up? Is this the same “yoga” Bill I know? Missing you… Nice to see you found your focus on a difficult day… See? You found your own answer, all by yourself. Hold your head up high ~ you have earned it 🙂

  2. Patricia, I am not sure who yoga Bill is. Drawing a complete blank!!! The girl walked back in the room after being sent to the office and knocked him to his ass, he hit his head on the way down and is still suffering from the symptoms of a pretty bad concussion. Another kid jumped up to continue to “kick his faggot ass” awesome.

    PS I talked to Adri yesterday, she was so happy to hear that we had finally “found” you. She said to say hello. You should see her adorable new puppy Olive. Little stinking cutie that one!! Plus she is turning into a cat lady I think she said she has 4 cats now!

  3. Wow! That’s awful for your friend Bill. The “yoga” Bill I’m talking about used to come into Syracuse Language to have 3-hr lunches w/Larry & “the ex.” He used to teach yoga somewhere nearby.
    About Adriana ~ LOL, that’s so funny about the cats. Is her new puppy the 1st after her German Shepherd mix dog died? (Summer ’02). Anyway, give her all my info & ask her if she can look me up on FB too! Then maybe we can ALL find each other!!! Maybe look up Wil 1st. Wonder if he’s “easier” to find. He just goes by Wil Den Ouden. XOXO’s my dear friend…

    • Patricia, You have your privacy settings set to CIA Top Secret message will self destruct in 5, 4, 3, …, I want to be your friend on Facebook but you have to relax the settings long enough for me to friend you. !! xo

      • LOL Meg! Maybe we should make an online date to try to sort this out. Did you try looking up Wil. WATCH OUT! This msg might self destruct in 3…2… 😉

      • I looked up Wil and sent a friend request before I realized that it was a girl. Trying to picture him in his super giant form wearing a cute sundress and a pair of heels. Do they make strappy sandals in a size 15? LOL

    • Huh the ex was taking three hour lunches then too huh? Every time I called him at SU he was at Starbucks. I think he is still in school, now 9 years later. Wonder if he still takes three hour lunches with unlimited coffee breaks. OMG I am so glad the Pirate frigging works, seriously. LOL

      • Oh yeah! Sometimes I would avoid going to the kitchen b/c he seemed to ALWAYS be there. I got in trouble a few times for taking breaks that were too long, and it was almost always because he wanted to have groupies always around. I don’t know how he managed it, because the rest of us mere mortals actually had TO WORK. Man, why did Syracuse Language have to fold!!! I was supposed to be a FT after graduation! I could have stayed in Syracuse… 😦

      • Oy the things you learn later. But laughing. It makes me happy some other poor sucker is supporting his butt while I just muddle through with Morgan. Seriously FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK this is not the best place for these conversations!! Call me. Holding thumb and forefinger to my ear and not meaning the latino version of this handsign but the phone version (USA).

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