Sportsman Days

We are both early risers, I texted him right after I put the banana bread in the oven and before it was done my phone was ringing.  The Regional Market was really busy and the veggies and fruit are right at the peak of harvest, every thing was very inexpensive.  I decided to make carrot ginger soup, which I made tonight with the addition of a fresh yam and it is very tasty.  There were many people at the market that I knew teachers, administrators and students.  We were just headed back to my car when I saw a face that was a blast from the past.  I was staring at him, and he was staring back at me, and I cried out MARTY?  and he answered back MEG!  I have not seen this guy in probably 9 years or so.  Another friend who did not like my former husband and stopped spending time with me.  The first thing he asked is How is ___?  I told him what had transpired and he and his partner of 30 years exclaimed their delight at our breakup.  And Marty hugged me about 10 times.

Later the pirate and I went to the Sportsman Days at Carpenter’s Brook.  A county park which specializes in fish and game management.  They have many pheasants, and a bunch of pools of Rainbow, Brook and Brown trout.  There were a few non profit and game club organizations with booths as well.  Plus a super tasty fish fry.  There was an opportunity to fire muzzle loaders and throw tomahawks.  I passed on the muzzle loader, too much fire and kick.  But then we went to the cross bow range and first shot I hit a bullseye, okay so the sight was outstanding but still, second shot was in the second ring directly below the bullseye.  I loved that, no kick to speak of.  And as I argued, perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse because the bow would not draw undue attention via noise while hunting for game.

Cross bow target shooting

There was  guy carving wood with a chainsaw which was cool, although there was a carving he had started that was a bit phallic looking.  I admire this art form.  I would be too chicken to try it.  Though the pirate likes to carve tiki idols with a chainsaw.  (he is so cool!)

Chainsaw carved fish

Sorry but this doesn't much look like a fish from this angle.

I really liked shooting the shotgun.  It was light weight and did not have any kick to speak of.  I tried skeet shooting, first shot was novice and I shot the minute I saw orange, second shot was high, third shot was a hit.  I was kind of pleased because when I was 15 – like a million years ago, I was a pretty good shot, so I guess I haven’t lost my touch.

Though this festival was small in structure, I had a great time.


4 comments on “Sportsman Days

  1. Whoa Meg, you look pretty bad-ass with that cross bow. I don’t think I could hold one of those. My only weapon is my TONGUE! LOL. So what’s the status w/the relationship? Miss S.U. in the fall. It’s so beautiful up there in the fall… Missing you… XOXO’s. Looking forward to giving you lots of XOXO s in person one day… 🙂

  2. The relationship is going great. I am having a great time and I wicked like him alot. He is showing the signs and symptoms of liking me alot too. 🙂 You wouldn’t miss it right now, the traffic is horrendous for some reason. And it has rained an awful lot.

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