Getting more than you asked for.

Just when I think I am not getting what I ask for, I realize I am.

When I get the invitation from him I already have other plans, but I realize that sometimes God has other plans than I do.  I check online for coupons or discounts for the intended outing and discover it has been cancelled on account of high winds.  So I call and tell the him of the change and that unexpectedly, I am free to join him.

The morning comes and we are driving, the sun is brilliant on the sparkling lake, the air is cold and windy and there are spots of rain.  The sky looks like a watercolor painting all pink and orange.  The brilliant leaves in the deeper valleys that have already had frost look striking against the dark grey sky.  In other areas where frost has not yet hit the leaves are dull but beautiful in their own way. We drive by many places that are selling pumpkins.  He says he wants to buy from the little guy and I ask if I am rubbing off on him.  He says no he has always been this way.  His Mom sits in the back, I am embarrassed by it, telling her I was raised to let the older person sit in front.  From time to time he teases me and when he gets a reaction out of me, his Mom laughs and tells me he is just teasing you and of course I know it.  I love that we tease each other so sagaciously.  We buy our pumpkins.  An old dog comes out to say hello resting his grey head on my knee and getting a scratch.  His arthritic shoulders get a good rub.  We pay on the honor system, the wind threatens to tear the money out of the box and whisk it away.  We stop too and buy apples, a 1/2 peck of sweet galas for my daughter, a 1/2 peck of tart macouns for me.  He buys a whole peck of honeycrisp apples, twice as expensive as mine.

I look over at him and he smiles and winks at me.  Those beautiful panther eyes, hazel or golden green I never know what to call them.  I don’t often touch him when he is driving, but today when I do, he grins at me and I feel his calm strength and warm good nature, it surges through me.  And when it is time for me to leave I kiss him and then go to my car but then I turn around and run back throwing myself against him and kissing him again.  He gets that look in his eyes.  I don’t know how to explain it.  But, I think, maybe I have gotten what I asked for, or maybe I have gotten more than that.


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