Photos from my recent trip to the ADK’s

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There was a hard frost last night and the windows of my car were coated in it, the doors creaking and not wanting to open.  There were patches of black ice on the pavement.

When I came home from work I spent about an hour raking up a layer of damp leaves off the back yard.  I really could have waited because it is supposed to dry out some next week, but I wanted to be outside, and I wanted to be doing the work.  I am really in a deeply contemplative mood and I feel a strong need for silence and reflection, although right now I am sitting in front of the TV with the laptop.  So much for silence.  I cannot be the only one who tries to numb the hard feelings with media, or I guess drugs or alcohol or ?

I have been eating alot more meat in recent weeks than I ever have in my life.  This is inspired by a former boyfriend who is doing the Paleo diet and has lost I think 80 pounds.  I have been eating less carbs, but instead of just walking about hungry all the time I am replacing the carbs with tuna, eggs, and other lean proteins.  I also have been putting meat in my soups.  I know ethically eating animals is wrong but here is the rub.  I am losing about .5 pounds a week.  So which is right.  Do I live with being fat, (and considered lazy and a glutton) or do I live with eating meat.  I am ethically disturbed.

I am curious to see what transpires as I continue on this path.  I will keep updating.


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