Resplendent Mother Nature

This was the kind of weekend you find yourself hoping for the minute the temperature drops below freezing.  The skies were brilliant blue and the leaves fell quick and steady on what few trees remain foliated.  The sun was warm and I opened windows and aired out the house, and hung two loads of laundry on the line.  I have been sick with a rather nasty virus that leaves me coughing some but mostly is a congestion that is not in my nose, nor my sinuses but in my neck and the back of my head.  I slept and watched movies alot this weekend.  And drank Goji berry tea with lemon and honey.  I also took the dog out in the woods twice.  The first day he was so happy you could almost see the glamour.  Today when I took him again, and met my friend J. there, he was overjoyed.  Two days in a row?  Not since the spring.

The pirate hunted all day and once home I brought him pot roast and gingerbread with lemon sauce.  Today he returned the favor, bringing me leek soup with parsnips, kielbasa, and brussel sprouts, and a delish whole grain garlic bread.  He asked all hopeful “is there any of that gingerbread left?”  I raked leaves, somewhat sporadically because I tired easily and felt winded.   I did about half the yard, and since the rest of the week promises to be nice I am sure I will get the rest done soon.  My neighbor A. came over and asked me how I thought one would go about finding the owner of a lost cell phone.  He handed it to me and in right order I got in touch with a couple people, a friend and a relative who passed on the message to an older woman in the neighborhood, who walked her adorable llapsa apso down in the afternoon to retrieve it.  She was so grateful.  I told her it was a group effort, my other neighbor J. came over to ask me about my thoughts on s certain brand of car and stood looking over my shoulder helping me find the contacts list on the phone.  She said she was so glad for honest people, and so thankful for all the effort I put in to finding her.  After she left I returned to my spot on the sunny front steps and continued to  knit a pair of khaki green wool socks.

I feel relaxed after the weekend.  No I didn’t mop the kitchen or bathroom as I had hoped to, and I didn’t finish the raking but I really kicked back, I had to.  I was wiped out from this cold.  And the long walks in the sparkling sunshine and bright resplendent day surely helped me with recovery.  I have always said fresh air is like chicken soup, or now like the pirate’s brussel sprout and leek soup.



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