Today I wore purple

It has been hanging in my closet for a very long time.  I would say something close to 14 years.  I bought it, but didn’t try it on and when I got home it did not fit.  I was too large.  I could not throw it out.  It was so pretty.  Year after year I would look at it, every now and then I would take it out and try it on.  But it never fit.  Even when I was working out every day.  Then today I put on black pants and a black tshirt, it has been so hot in my classroom that the thought of wearing a sweater made me feel parched, sweaty and limp.  That was when I saw it hanging there in my closet.  I took it out.  I put it on and looked in the mirror.  It fit well enough.  Ha I thought, I will wear it but I doubt I can button it.  I reached out and took the hook and then the button and pulled them towards each other, closer and closer until they connected and…YES!  It fits.

It is a Guatemalan vest as we called them in the old days of Grateful Dead shows.  A colorful woven back, and an embroidered and woven in the front.  When I saw it, it shouted ME! And that was why I bought it.  How ironic that I put it on only two days after wearing those brown khaki pants, which are so large on me, I don’t think I will wear them again.  Ill fitting.  And yet here now two days later this thing I had all but forgotten in my closet, called to me today and when I put it on it fit perfectly.

Clothes do not make a person.  But in some strange way, this week, clothes have made me reflect strongly on where I am.  And where I have been.

Woven Purple Vest


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