My dog won’t stop whining.  I know it is my fault, he just wants to walk but alas it is the time of darkness.  As a single woman, living essentially alone I find it scary to walk alone at night, even though I do live in a pretty safe neighborhood.  And I do walk him after dark, which at this point is any week day when I am not at work.  Sigh.  No wonder we get depressed in winter.  Sometimes I text my daughter just to let her know, and then text her when I get home.  The Jeffrey Dahmer guy who lives in my neighborhood trolls the streets at night and often will whizz by quietlike and close at hand, tacklebox attached to the back of his bike, dog now in the lower branches of the nearest tree.  Amazing how high he can leap.  And me yelling at Jeffrey Dahmer “warn me next time?”  He won’t, he does it on purpose.  But right now the dog is just whining.  It is also raining, and when he gets wet it is my bedroom which smells of wet dog, and it is currently dirty wet dog because the price of grooming has gone up an additional 20 dollars in about 4 years and I can no longer afford to go every 3 months.  (his hair is too long to bathe him at home)  And furthermore he sleeps on my lovely giant purple flower bedspread, dirty smelly wet dog on my bed.  Whine away buster.

He has been fed, he has been out, he has been petted, he has water, he had snacks of raw asparagus ( a treat he adores ) and the remains of my peach crisp, which I left, just for him.  And yet he continues to pace and whine.  Chin on my knee right now, tail wagging, please please please please please please please?  I wish that guy on his bike was not quite so creepy.  I wish the sun was shining.  I promise  you Mr. that you will be walked on the next sunny day.  Extensively.

I think I have to take him.  He will not stop.

Whiny Old Man



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