The Path

It is a dark and ugly red, like motor oil she says.
It more or less tastes the same.
But at least it numbs.
It seems that this life is tinged with that ugliness too.
All the ugly things that people say
that people do
That are left undone.
It wakes me shivering with it, in the coldest hours of the morning.

I cry out for the first time in many months
I am at the end, I am at the end.
Something needs to change
And nothing does.

Not even me.

Not even me.

Another sleepless night
another hopelessly exhausted day

I cannot even wonder
what is next
on this path.


One comment on “The Path

  1. Something needs to change and nothing does…

    That is such a hard place.

    I wonder if meditation brings us to this place so squarely, so assuredly, and perhaps in the full realization that nothing changes our awareness pops into the place where we suddenly realize we are all of it.

    Thanks for reading my blog, Simply Here.

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