Thank you for helping. Best brother ever!!

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The day was warm, a sweatshirt and jeans kind of day.  My brother is visiting for Thanksgiving and he had already spent a couple hours puttering around my yard without me, taking care of the things that I just don’t get to, since I do both the inside chores and the outside; I also tried to do some of it this summer, but my gas mower wouldn’t start.  He cleaned the spark plug, put DW-40 on the sticky part, played with the choke and started it.  Then he mowed down all of my perennials up front, pulled out the crappy little cherry tree (I wanted a weeping mulberry but got this no growth dwarf cherry that had major structural issues) and mowed along the neighbors fence clearing a path between it and the rhododendrons.  I was shopping for groceries and booze and cooking while he did this, but yesterday once the stuffing was made and the bird in the oven, we went out together and continued the job.  We continued mowing, taking back the English Ivy at least another foot.  Pulling out the flagstone wall that was mostly buried in dirt and ivy and put it all along the side of the veranda extending it past the muddy apron.  He trimmed the cedar and some of the other trees hanging over the ivy, while I dragged the brush to the road.   We also put a shelf up in the shed and nails to hang things on and cleaned it up.   He moved the wood pile to another spot on the back porch and swept and cleaned the area around the studio door and found a new place for the rarely used BBQ grill.  While we were working on that side porch, I decided to paint the other back door purple next summer.  He also cleaned out my gutters for me, while I used the leaf blower to clean up corners and crannies around the yard that had lots of leaf build up.  Now every time I look outside I am amazed.  It is clean and tidy and there are boundaries to the overwhelming chaos that was there before.  I do like things to grow wild and unruly but at the same time, this clean even look is great.  It is so wonderful how easy and fast this kind of work is too, when there are two people doing it, and even though I like my autonomy, I like the fact that my brother takes charge and does what he wants without asking.  Because he knows what he is doing, I trust that it will turn out okay.

This morning the backyard is alive, teaming with life, squirrels are gathering nuts and finding hiding places for them.  There are many birds too, a red winged blackbird, blue jays,  cardinals, chickadees, juncos and a dove enjoying the feeders, though I have not seen many of any in recent weeks.  I think the cleaned out area feels safer for them, because it is far more open and they can see whether or not there are cats hiding in the brush.  I have to say that every time I look at the still unfinished flagstone area I am just blown away by how beautiful it looks.  I am looking forward to putting down sand and pea gravel in the area next spring, it will be gorgeous.

Dinner last night was lovely with the four of them, my daughter and my friend Michelle.  Her boyfriend stayed at home but we made him a plate.  He had to work from 3-11 this morning.  The pirate came over for dessert, my brother and he talked hunting.  And he got the thumbs up of approval from both of them.

I made a chocolate pie from Wegman’s Menu magazine.  My brother’s girls are a bit picky with food  and the pirate and my brother are definitely tofu naysayers.  Trust me they are the last people on the planet I would ever expect to eat tofu and like it.  So even if you are not a big tofu fan, but you cannot eat dairy or you are watching your fat intake try it.

Chocolate Dream Pie:
Make a Ginger snap crust, Wegman’s has a specific brand and style but I just bought a box of gingersnaps and followed the recipe on the box.

10 oz of semi sweet chocolate chps
1 pkg soft tofu
1 tsp vanilla

1/4 cup of raspberry jam
and decorate top with red raspberries.

Make the crust.  Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler.  Process tofu til smooth.  Pour melted chocolate and vanilla into tofu and process til smooth.  Pour over pie crust.  Chill for four hours.  Spread with raspberry jam and top with raspberries.

Super yummy!!


7 comments on “Thank you for helping. Best brother ever!!

  1. That looks amazing. It is also amazing that the brother you fought with , like cats and dogs, like the Hatfields and McCoys, becomes a good friend as you get older. Spike and I are like that now…….and I’m glad to see that you two are becoming friends.

    • Becoming friends? Its funny I think of him as my big brother, not really a friend. But my sister, definitely my friend. Like when I introduced him to Angelo and big bro thanked him for helping me out in my yard. For me its was like my Dad had his hand on big bro’s shoulder as he said this. It felt like family for sure, especially since I don’t have a man in my life to stand up for me, and to take care of things for me.

  2. Cracking up over the chocolate-tofu pie. I bet IT WAS DELICIOUS, but nonetheless made me think about Wil’s face if confronted with tofu. I told him about your dessert, and he said it was a crime. That the Pilgrims didn’t have tofu around back then. I guess some people are not open enough to meatless culinary adventures. My pain-in-the-behind Dutchman being one of them. I guess they DID have pudding w/green food coloring we’d call “pistachio”, and “powdered sugar+milk+a pinch of cocoa” we’d eventually call “chocolate pudding”. Not the easiest things to swallow, but he did offer to help with dinner. I took a year off from making my delicious pumpkin cheesecake. It has sat mostly uneaten in the back of the refrigerator for the past few years, so I didn’t bother this one. The kids did ask for pumpkin & apple pie, but it didn’t work out.
    Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. Who knew it would be so warm when we had snow before Halloween!!! Big hugs to all…:-)

    • I cannot get over how warm this November has been. Tell Wil that I offered the pirate some he said yes. Then after he ate like three bites I said it was made with tofu and he said “If you had told me it had tofu when you offered it, I would have had the pumpkin. I am glad you didn’t say anything because I would have missed out on how delicious it is!” By the way the Pilgrims didn’t have canned cranberry sauce or crescent rolls and I think I read that they had salted cod for dinner. MM. Next Turkey day should be salted Cod!!

      • LOL. Still cracking up over the tofu pie. I wish I could trick Wil into having some so I could laugh at his face later. I’ve stayed true to my culinary ethics and WILL NOT purchase jellied cranberry sauce. Madeleine actually likes my homemade sauce with lemon & orange zest +juice; apples & pineapple. Because of the pectin in the apples, it “jellies” on its own. I just LOVE it!!! Pilgrims probably DID have salted cod, pheasant instead of turkey too. I might just tell Wil we will have a “Salted Cod Thanksgiving” next year… You might be able to hear him scream in Syracuse.
        Just wondering, what’s the buzz around S.U. about newly unemployed pediphiler basketball assistant coach? Just wondering. People around here still crying over Penn State. Just curious on your take. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!! 🙂

  3. Hey! I buy the jellied cranberry sauce just so I can put it on my turkey sandwiches. YUMMY!

    Dude what a mess SU has on their hands. Everyone back scrambling to protect themselves. Ugh. I doubt Boeheim knew, he is not the kind of man to accept such disgraceful and disgusting behavior from someone. I really believe the investigation was left unfounded, but why was the tape only released now? IF ESPN has sat on it all these years they are as bad as Joe Paterno. What kind of woman stands by KNOWING her husband is raping kids and lets that shit stand. She is worse than him. Worse. Pigs the lot of them. I know I know innocent until proven guilty but I have co workers who know the guy who accused Fine. They are standing behind the victim 100% say he is not lying and those closest to him say he is a good guy. So I don’t know. I continue to stand hand to gaping mouth going omg. What’s next?

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