Star Trek Girl

Dressed and ready to go, my body tells me something else entirely.  I call in very late, later than I ever have before, and then go back to bed.  I sleep for four hours.  I do not notice the warmth of the morning as it turns to a cold and damp afternoon.  Not sure if the cutting back on the hours of the custodians is to blame, my room is not cleaned every day.  Everyone at work, in both schools is sick.  If it isn’t the incessant and ongoing cough it is the continuing saga of the stomach virus.  I knit all afternoon while watching Sanctuary, then Shameless, and then a Chinese movie called Aftershock before Morgan joins me for three episodes of Star Trek.  We decide that we should change the dog’s name to Spocko.  He responds positively.  Now it is late and when I take the dog out I notice a sparkle in the evergreen boughs of the cedar that lines the eastern side of the house.  I look and see that a few droplets of moisture are hanging, it is cold enough that they are staying right there, they may freeze by morning.  But right now at this moment they are like nature’s Christmas lights sparkling from the street lights.  I can see my breath coming out in big clouds.  The dog is eager to sniff, the damp brings out all the unsniffed smells.  Come on Spocko I say.  Lets go in.

I am recalling the first time I got together with the pirate.  How he was wearing these crazy gloves that split his pointer finger and middle finger and his ring finger and pinkie finger into two separate gloves.  He held his hand up and said “live long and prosper”  later he made some comment about being a sleestack from Land of the Lost.  But it was the Star Trek reference that caught me like a fish on a hook.  Sometimes he tells me he likes me because I am the Star Trek girl and sometimes he doesn’t even seem to believe that I really like Star Trek.  The truth is at various times in my life I have not even owned a TV, and I rarely watch commercial television, and my TV watching like all the things in my life goes in grand cycles, sometimes I watch a lot of it, some times I don’t watch any.  The thing is, I have always watched Star Trek, since I was five years old.  When we were teens, my brother and I would stay up late on Saturdays, after SNL and watch it on the Utica station.  Sometimes we would stay up in vain, and they wouldn’t show it.  I watched it on the dorm TV in college, and in the years after college the only reason I watched TV at all was to catch the Next Generation, or Deep Space Nine, or later Voyager.  I missed most of Enterprise because I had to pick up the X from school on the nights it was on.  I wish he had stayed with whomever he was screwing back then, I would rather have the memories of watching Scott Bakula, than the memories of being dragged away from it just long enough to miss the end, and have the X close the door to the office while I went to bed.  When I was a college student and we would play Trivial Pursuit I would cross my fingers hoping for a Star Trek question.  One time I said that Star Trek was a strong influence on the philosophy of my life.  I still think this is very true.  That and Bill Peet, children’s book author and illustrator.  I love that my daughter comes downstairs after studying, ready for a break and says, hey lets watch a couple episodes of Star Trek.  I make jokes that make her giggle, she laughs at the crazy dialogue.  I tell her the next time she is giving me a hard time I am going to tell her Knock it off, SAW Bones.  She thinks Shatner’s performance in A Piece of the Action is the best acting he ever did in his life.  I tell her that the episode we watched last, the dark matter one celled organism floating in space and eating the Vulcan Starship Intrepid, called The Immunity Syndrome, is an episode that is entirely a euphemism for sex.   It is though.  If you watch it you will see what I mean.

I did nothing at all today.  As I write this Spocko is fast asleep at my right thigh and Sadie is fast asleep on my left shin.  I will turn off my lights and let my mind wander to the outer reaches of space, where my imagination was built, and my dreams may some day come true.


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