Cold Embrace


Painting by Caspar David Friedrich


looming shadow
to my quivering mouse
I burrow in
my stinking nest.


moaning ache
to my blind spider
in the darkest cavern
I creep my way forward
hoping to escape.


I can feel you breathing
neck hairs like urban soldiers
my third eye tingles
your cold embrace
goosebumps erupt
and I have
spider belly.


I cower in a darkened alley
you tower over me
I am wet with your spittle.
I am afraid of the sting that is sure to come next
That sucker punch to my gut.
That hand on my baby cheek.
That red face of shame.

Breath on my neck
You whisper,
you belong here with me.

I want nothing more than to escape you.

In a candle flicker of inspiration
I suddenly find myself turning towards you.
Taken aback you stumble
hand out stretched to catch your fall

this moment lasts a million upon a million years

like the time of the universe
already farther than our minds can fathom,
stretched out in slow motion
marble statues in our slow reactions
2000 years old already

Marble Diana from National Gallery


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