“The pain never goes away, you just learn to make room for it.” ~ Andrea on the Walking Dead

This series is great!  Last week there was this one moment when the character Lori is talking to her husband, Rick about the other character Shane and how Rick needs to intervene before Shane does something dangerous and it is so Shakespearean.  I also loved the scene where Daryl is yelling at Carol and it is literally like he is just saying out loud everything she has already said to herself, I absolutely love that.  

I want to write so much more, but I have this filter on right now, I just don’t want any more drama in my life.  I don’t want to write about shit that I have been writing about, I don’t want to get negative feedback from anonymous strangers that just makes my stress level climb I just want to write because it helps me, it helps me to heal from my own pain.  I am tired and for a while I am going to keep the writing light.  Good quote above, struck me as I heard it because it is so true, like a dream where you are living in a house where you lived before but suddenly there are unexpected rooms, and ghosts hiding in them.  That is where the pain lives, you can shut the door, you can put up wards, but it never really leaves you.  

What makes it nice is that you find yourself making relationships with new people and new rooms are added, that help you to forget the ghosts living in those other places inside of you.  This is exactly what is happening the show, new relationships are formed out of the necessity of survival, and people continue on, because they have to.

The room I am looking for, the room I have always wanted, is a cozy warm single room house, with a fire, and a warm thick colorfully draped bed, soup cooking on the fire and the smell of fresh bread in the air.  Preferably without Zombies.  



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  1. I understand what you mean. There are so many things I have deliberately left unsaid because I am tired, and don’t want to deal with the fallout. I know you can find you warm room – it sounds like a perfect place from which to welcome Spring. And I had a reallyintense dream about a roomful of zombie lap dogs the other night. Freaky.

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