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I am posting this for a fellow blogger friend who has been gracious enough to give me two blog awards for my other blog.  I am filled with gratitude!  Yesterday she posted a picture of a rare plant which she called istanbulensis which I discovered is a variety of crocus, I knew it was because the minute I saw it I said, why that is a crocus, and wikipedia confirmed it. So these pictures are for her, and to remind myself next spring when the crocus bloomed.  Today it is so warm out that after I took these photos I immediately ran in and opened all the windows on the front and south facing side of the house.  The whole entire week is promising temperatures in the high sixties the lowest being 53 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday which will be a full ten degrees above normal for this time of year.  Weird weather year.

Crocus in bloom

Yellow Crocus

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  1. Beautiful they are… All informations about Istabulesis was taken from Botanic academic platform. As I wrote on my post too. Actually, I didn’t know this before, it is new for me. I can see this is the same flower and so beautiful they are… I am searching now in here, where can I find this plant and can I plant in my garden too… Thank you so much. With my love, nia

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