I surrender

I have other plans but my cousin calls me and we go to the local gun show, which is quite interesting to me.  There  are a wide variety of interesting antiques, particularly oil cans and metal powder horns and ornately engraved guns.  There are some that I just love the overall styling of, and although I am not fond of the matte black of a composite gun, I do like the over all look of the one my pirate buys.  There was some amazing knives that are pure art from the Damasus knife company. I particularly like both the guns and knives with painted woodgrain. I pick out a few beautiful guns, pointing them out, that gun is beautiful I say, price tag 4000.  I like the lines on this gun I say, price tag 2700.     You have good taste the cousin says, and so does the pirate, later.  He is there too, but alone, eventually he catches up with us, and we three have a beer together, my cousin quiet, but happy to spend the day with me, the pirate, hyper as hell.  We compare notes later, I loved this I say, did you see that he asks, and I say, oh yeah, before he has finished.  Today the pirate and I went again, this time I bought a really great day pack, for hiking, and honestly for traveling.  I felt unprepared when we were in paradise together, and I wanted to carry my own weight.  I also bought gifts for my best girlfriend and my daughter.  There are in fact some great unexpected things at the gunshow.  There are also some distasteful things, like Nazi memorabilia, which I express abject disgust over, and some serious Obama bashing.  I voted for him, I say when the two men in line behind us mention him, and I am going to do it again.  Shh they say, don’t speak those words out loud in this venue.  I see a cool woman I work with, she expresses the same feelings as I, the antiques are awesome but the attitudes not so much.

I meet several of the pirate’s associates.  Later I ask, who is your best friend.  You are, he says.  And I know it.  He is mine.  I mean really he is.  So is B. whom I adore, but really when it comes right down to it, this man, is now my dearest friend. I am at his house, doing nothing, he is playing with his new gun, I am reading, but it is getting late and it is time to go, I am tired, and I go to kiss him goodbye.  Don’t go yet, he says.  Just stay a little longer.  OK I say and I do.

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