Changing Seasons

Autumn Musings

Autumn comes in with its warm sunny days, and crisp nights, I pull out my down comforter and put away the quilt my mom made me and the acrylic blanket that is surprisingly warm.  Later I will need to buy new flannel sheets to fit my smaller bed, the most comfortable bed in the whole world.  I am grateful for the gift of it.  I put away all my shorts and tank tops, and keep out only my favorite short sleeved shirts and cropped pants.  Sundresses are gone and lightweight sweaters replace them.  At night I leave the windows open for the fresh air and for as long as possible, one of my students comes in to school shivering and complains about how her dad goes around opening windows when everyone else is freezing, I would rather put on a sweater than close them.

I come home to German soup cooked and ready to be eaten sitting on the stove.  I make corn bread to go with my many jars of hot pepper jelly, and the soup.  I hear chickadees chirping outside the window, and stop to watch as they fly to the feeders, my pirate moved my dough hook close to the house so I can watch them will I wash dishes or stand at the sink.  Often we call to each other, to look at the six point buck that is frequenting the yard, a doe, or some other animal that lives in the wooded area in the back of the strip of houses on the street.

I love this street, peopled with artists, teachers, peacemakers, and families.  It is quiet and friendly.

I watch the pirate sitting in his tool shed, my extension cord lighting the lovely little hand built cottage.  I study his concentration as he works, sheltered from the damp drizzle, he taps the rocks, checks, taps again.  When I came home I stood on the back porch and looked out at him, he looked up and smiled at me, and then as we looked at one another across the space for an extended few seconds, just grinning at each other he put his arms out wide and I run over and wrap my arms around him, kissing him on the mouth.

Sometimes I am scared and don’t trust what the future will bring, other times, I feel completely home.


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