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Dry Year in the Adirondacks

Hinckley Resevoir

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These images were taken on my way home this morning from points north of Speculator.  They were taken along the edge of Route 365 as I headed south.  This is Hinckley Resevoir.  In years past this has been a very full and active reservoir.  I was absolutely astonished on my way up because it is really low to my eye.  There was essentially no snow pack last year, and it seemed like the foliage was so dry on my drive and my walk up the road where my friend lives.  It poured all the way up, but even where she lives there was not yet one tiny patch of snow anywhere and remained above freezing the whole time I was there.  She said she has a friend who is a forest ranger who was quite worried all summer, frankly I was thankfully surprised there was not one single fire this whole summer.  I am really concerned about how tremendously dry this is.  This reservoir feds the city of Utica, as do a couple of other very dry lakes I visited in a region northwest of here in North Lake and South Lake.


North Lake in August


North Lake in August


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