The Smell of Spring


I wake feeling refreshed, which I suppose for most people is normal, but for me it is a great rarity, enough to make me notice, immediately.  My alarm goes off and I hit snooze, but only because I want to keep writing the dream I was having, it was a good one.  I can hear him coming down the hall towards my room, and he climbs on my bed and licks my face.  He is very talkative today, in a way that I can almost understand what he is saying to me.  Ok. Ok.  And I get up and he is a gentleman, waiting for me to enter each room and catch up to him before he goes on to the next room, I hobble, putting my slippers on as I go.  I swing open the back door, which is when it hits me, the fine odor of spring, finally perfuming the air.

Perfume is my theme for the day.  There is a moment when you can smell, something, you recognize it immediately, a woman’s perfume, the only thing missing is the noxious chemical once used to cover it.

I put on my scarf and I smell my own warm perfume.  I breathe it in.

Do you remember how I smell?


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