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Garden Fresh

There is something about this community here, part poor uneducated people, part intelligent (not to say poor and uneducated are not) artisan, hippy types.  Up here most of the women my age are grey, not colored hair and giving generous people.  Oh you don’t have a roof rack, grab our kayak at this dock, use it.  Oh your dill did not come up?  Here take this giant armload full of dill from the garden.  Oh before you go, would you like some lettuce?  Here are 5 giant bunches.   Oh you spin, come join our group on Wednesday nights, this is where me meet, bring your wheel or your knitting or a drop spindle, come!  Do you need a ride? Meet me here.


I tell my friend my fear of judgment from others, my narcissistic leanings, I have known her for years, I trust she loves me anyway.  She tells me, that is the thing up here, there are those that judge you, and you just smile and nod, but the rest, for the most part, don’t judge at all, are welcoming and want to work together.

I love this.

She has this giant garden, well more than one, and her veggie garden has been raided so often by her dogs that she had to build a fence, but rather than do so out of lumber, she has raided the forest for long branches.



And to go with my last post:

Dustin Hoffman Interview

7 thoughts on “Garden Fresh

    1. Just because a person isn’t an experienced writer, doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say. Try to relax and enjoy the message. Since you seem to be an “intellect”, you surely can read between the lines and receive the message gratefully. Peace.

  1. Love the fence! It looks like some things I’ve done in the past. So I’m really GOOD with it.
    The Dustin Hoffman piece on Tootsie is very good. Yeah, he gets it.
    Now stop with the “poorlys”. BAH
    Now you–I guess you’re just going to need some serious electro-shock therapy so proceed to the nearest electrical outlet and insert your finger until the kickback puts you on your ass.
    All better now?
    We will remove the image brainwash from your delightful brainpan one way or another. Oh yes, we will. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Not saying The Way will be pleasant.

  2. I love this post, I found it through pintrest. Was looking for a way to keep my small chicken brood out of neighbor’s yard…but the rest resonated with me so much. This is what people are SUPPOSED to be like…I’m glad you have it in your community. I have it in mine too, oh you need this? take it! I need that, oh you have it, wonderful! A happy, helpful, harmonious way to live. Thank you for posting! 🙂

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