Sick Day

Nose clog, ears plugged, sneezing, crabby.

News of a small black cat dying as she cries.

Long day of reading in the sun, in bed.

Stupid unexpected visitors keep me from sleep.

In the dark she and I walk, her nipping at my knees as the wind blows my hair, and the brown leaves.

I gently grab the backs of her legs.  She gets the joke, nuzzling my hand happily.

The good Dr. tells the pirate, I just adore your companion.  She is senile.  But her heart is gold.

I remember the weird way my Mom’s once best friend lisped my ugly childhood nickname.

The thump of garbage can tipping over in the wind.

The taste of bacon and egg and avocado on spinach.

The pumpkin chocolate chip brownies.

My mom’s excited voice as she tells me about her new car.

Deja vu that makes me think of someone I cannot seem to forget.

the squeak of a rubber toothbrush on her perfect needle puppy teeth.

and him nosing open the door to see if he is still wanted.

And the pirate as always pushing me away as he pulls me close.

I give up trying.

I just want to sleep again.

Take two benedryl.  Sleep until dawn.

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