Do not forget, my friend, that I am a warrior.

Do not call me irresponsible, when I have raised a child and a man child all on my own.

When you are a single parent and sick, you do not rant, or rave, or act helpless, you get your ass up and drive to school, cook, clean and park a smile on your face.  Of course you would never understand you man with two mothers.

Eye of Sauron, judgment passed, lazy slob, faker, liar, sneak.

Do not forget my friend that I am a warrior, you cannot fathom the battles I have stood in, the beast that I have slayed, and the damage it has done to me.

I see your ways now, I see them, I was blind in my loneliness, but I see now.

Go ahead bull, ram  your horns into the fence, and stomp your ugly foot and snort out your ringed nose, rail on me for not understanding, for not having compassion.  Do you not see who has cleaned your pen?  Did you think to give thanks?

I ask myself, are you not the bull when it comes to God, why have you done this, why are you not sympathetic?  why do you hurt me so?


Thank you God thank you god thank you thankyougod thankyougod thank you.   The offer comes, and it cannot be born soon enough.

Do you believe you are not good enough.  I am, I am.

I see it now, I really do.  How do you speak of leaving, how when you are not a warrior.

I am a warrior.

I am a warrior.

I am.



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