Need to write this better:  But just thinking out loud.  for the sake of writing again:


It doesn’t matter how late I want to sleep, she wakes always before 6 but after five.  Every day.  Spring is slow in coming, but I stand and watch them make their hot footprints on the wet snow, wearing only a t-shirt, be the change you wish to see in the world, and a pair of completely different colored pajama pants.  The sun is hidden behind Central New York grey sky.

The house is chilly but comfortable, so hot before I climbed into bed that I was sweating, I will admit to a change in my body temperature though.  I know why older women wear cardigans, off and on and off and on, easier than a pullover, I always liked a good cardigan, until I was shamed out of them.  I am rarely deeply cold as I once was from October until May.

A year ago I scoffed at buying a larger size television, but now 22″ screen is not working for me, I cannot see to scroll through the movies, or read the subtitles.  I speak of this to someone else and am immediately scolded to just go out and buy a bigger tv.  Why do i react why do i react why do i react.

I practice silent hand signals with the dogs.  Meanwhile his only interaction is to holler, to scold.  They act worse when he is up, or in house, or around.

Good news comes, perhaps, perhaps, things will move along more quickly.  It will.  I am sure of it.

I am grateful.

Ready to be off leash.

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