Sacred Space


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I have come to love this new place I live in, in just a short time.  The more I walk the more I see, the more I like it.  I reflect on the walking at the previous place, the difficulty in crossing a dangerously busy street, particularly with the puppy (or mistress houdini escape artist), I resorted to pacing the street like a caged animal.  Walking two miles, six laps round trip or more every day.  One neighbor confronted me for letting my dog shit on her lawn, I didn’t.  One neighbor told me I was not allowed to walk by her/his house.  He told me his name was John, her name was not John.  I walked by her house anyway.  Once a week I walked down to the library.  

Now here just the option of walking on the neighborhood streets is pleasant, but add to it the little charming park that is longer by far than it is wide, and the cemetery that takes up most of the hill that falls steeply into the valley.

My friend, and life partner of my yoga teacher, Karen gave me a book called Creating a Sacred Place.  I have tried to do this, putting objects of meaning, photos of totem animals, soft comfortable textures and rich warm colors, none of the bright garish paint that was a compromise in the old house.  None of the dated and awkward ugliness, mixed with old lady taste in the interim home.  Just hard wood floors, stone tiles, pastel pale cool walls and then the richness of fabrics, textiles and art placed pleasingly.

We walk the dogs and I, in the morning, I would say just as the sun was rising, but it was more, into the threatening clouded morning.  I am thinking alot about sacred space, about honoring the sacred inside myself.  About connecting deeply to the patterns and vibrations of the universe, the universal being, of acceptance.  

This quote from the book I am reading, “Attachments” by Rainbow Rowell

“Purpose…Love. Purpose. Those are the things you can’t plan for.  Those are the things that just happen.  And what if they don’t happen?  Do you spend your whole life pining for them?  Waiting to be happy?”

I find this place resonates with a sacredness.  I am not surprised to find an old old gate, to nowhere.  

It is called Sanctuary.  


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