I have this unquenchable thirst
like the first Chinese brother, 
or one of Ananzi’s sons, 
I could drink the whole sea
and never have enough.

It flows out of me 
like a flash flooded river
and I am swept away 

I am the embers of an old fire
kick me and I may flare up and set you afire
but I am bone cold and bone tired
and the meager fairy light by which you warm yourself
is not enough for me.

I pull two coals from behind my ears
gather wood I tell you.  
and I will teach you

I am the echoing chamber of the hollow earth
painted all through my insides with horses, aurochs and dancing animals.
there is a hole through which shines the light of one star
I raise my arms dancing in circles as smoke swirls upward
casting off all the ritual stones and bones and feathers and dust
my feet dance, water pours from my fingers and my feet until the waves splash up on my shins
I stir up the mud, I sink in until I am buried to my chin.

I am a skull 30,000 years in the making.

I am a small bird blown away by the lashing winds of a raging hurricane
thrown so many miles from my home
a wanderer lost and alone.
I close my eyes and wait for the wind to lay me gently down
and when I wake I find myself clinging to a sturdy oak
I chance a step bouncing on one foot to test the branches
I am a single golden leaf floating daintily to the earth
onto the path of a woodsman gathering sticks

I am laid inside a circle of stones 
I pull two coals from behind my ear

I am the water boiling
I am the herbs bouncing and squeezed in a cup
I am the honey that sweetens
I am the warm hands wrapped around
I am the frosty breath that blows
I am the tongue that tastes
I am the throat that swallows
I am the belly that fills.

I rest my chin upon my knees.
Content to be the eyes that watch the fire burn.


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