Reflections on an article by Mirabai Starr

I have this feeling of connection to the sacred female.  A wish to overcome so much misogyny in this world.  A wish to embrace the powerful feminine.  I recall how I tend to gravitate towards male friendships rather than female, and how now my female friendships are deepening and strengthening.  I love this.  Deep feminine strength and wisdom that I am connecting with.  

I have a confession, last night I logged off Facebook.  I just cannot do it anymore the intense superficiality of it all.  It is so easy to be brutal in social media.  I want my life filled with compassion, love, ahimsa, not harming others or myself.  

I draw a doodle in my journal, an emblem of the sacred female, a prayer, a wish for being a better person.  

I want so much to dig deeper, to not be superficial.  The superficiality that has been my life for so many years now, even the relationship with the pirate, never dug deep.  There was only this surface of interaction, he has his deepest parts locked tight, and I could not break through this barrier.  I stopped wanting to, he doesn’t even know the depth of my own.  

This quest leads me back to a favorite magazine called Parabola Where Spiritual Traditions Meet, there is something perfect about spiritual traditions that seek understanding of the higher power through the many many paths that lead to “it”  Not just depending on one path.  

I read An Interfaith Crucible a conversation with Mirabai Starr, and just noted a few things that interest me. The following are things that struck me as being of interest.  

“Something about death” (loss?) “seems to break us open to the numinous, and this glimpse of the sacred reality underlying the veneer of the everyday world ignited by my longing for God.”

“I could immerse myself in the practices that had become like living waters for my thirsty soul.”

“Every religion contains a treasure trove of wisdom teachings and transformational practices, and each one is also burdened with divisive messages and a history of violence and oppression.” 

and to paraphrase that wanting to cultivate the good aspects of all religions is thought to be superficial, and lazy, but is instead a deeper quest for truth and no to the violence, the oppression, the elitism of the “this path is the only path” mindset.  

“it’s about making ourselves vulnerable to the pain of yearning, and available to the presence of the Divine that comes pouring into the broken-open chamber of the heart when we allow ourselves to rest in the mystery.  Nothing can lock up the doors of the soul faster than dogma – especially the flavors that encourage us to set up certain groups or individuals as worthy and condemn others as beyond salvation.  ….I believe all religions are calling us into a state of oneness-with Ultimate Reality, and with each other.  

And again to paraphrase, an undiminished potency of the sacred feminine despite the history attempts to squash it,  That the sacred feminine is felt in nature, relationships and community and striving not for vertical ascension, but for interdependence and compassion.  She has a non violent fearlessness (fierce female warrior).  

I don’t have anything really to say about it, but to write it down in order to remember.  

I give thanks for the immediate answer to the prayers I asked.  

The universe has listened to me this morning.  

I am joyful.

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