But for this one day.

I choose joy.

I choose to revel

in those who cherish and adore me

in those who would choose me despite the circumstances life offers them.

I choose serenity and peace.

And I choose to depend on the muscles God has helped make in me.

I am here if you awake.

And if you don’t.

For I know I am a rock.

I know that despite the worn and cracked places.

I stand firm and bright,

for I am a gem.

A treasure invaluable.

I choose the love of those who have come to see and depend on the light within me.

And Namaste,

I bow to the light within you.

If you wake I pray you see it.

If you don’t I pray for you to have what I have.

For I have love.

I have light.

I have all the treasure I can want, and need.

And it comes from inside of me.


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