This woman and I are talking, I stand at my post by the back door for several extra minutes, one day, two days, three days.  We are discussing art, religion, public radio, love, lyme disease, we stand holding hands for several minutes, standing very close to one another, she married with children, me as straight as they come.  It is all very natural.  We discuss alternative medicine and healing herbs, and we exchange phone numbers.  Lets have lunch together sometime.

I tell her, I don’t what it is about you, she says, I know I feel the same way, that there is this connection.  Exactly, I say as we stand holding hands firmly.  Before we hug and she goes back home, before I go back to work.

I go into a tattoo shop to discuss the tattoo I have been saving my pennies for for several months.  I am not finding the exact ideas I have in my head, so I show him several things.  I like the way he looks straight into my eyes as we talk, his clear pale blue ones in my dark sea blue ones.  As he is talking I remember why I liked him so much last time, I am struck by his intelligence, and his je ne sais quoi.  I show him my doodles and he says Why aren’t you drawing your own tattoo?  I know I say, I would love to be a tattoo artist, it has to be so much cooler than teaching little kids.  He looks through several of my doodles, cool he says, we are on the same page here.  This is great stuff.

Tell me, he says what words go with the image.  Sacred feminine, Wisdom, Transcendence, Abundance, Matriarch, Growth, Growth from difficult circumstances.  Good he says.  Good.

And then he says, he is in the same frame, he says that this kind of consciousness and conscious thought are uncommon in this world, I begin to disagree and then say, yeah you are right, he says that the suffering, the pain, the hardship the difficulty the scariness of the world is what shows us the beauty, and that this world is a beautiful place.  It is he says kind of juvenile to want to be happy all the time, it is not what life is all about.  And the dichotomy between joy and hardship is what fuels the abundance inside, where all things flow out of this abundance.  I am nodding my head, learning from this tattooed and bearded zen master.

I go to shake his hand firm and he steps in for a hug, just as I do.  It is not cursory, it is a hug of connection, a hug of likeness, of the open heart in a difficult world, of like minded consciousness.  After a moment we both squeeze hard and separate.

See you soon he says.

I am giddy already I say as I leave.

Connection is beautiful.


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