Dark Blue Funk

No its not the name of a band, rather it is my state of being.

I am confused and feeling lost.  I had it all together for all of 48 hours back in August.

I can do this.

My brain has gone utterly backwards in time.

Here is my skull that back there, oh no worries, its just my brain.

Is having sex really sinful?  Is falling in love a sin?

This must be my karma.

That is all it is.

And do I wait?  What is it exactly I am waiting for?

Should I?

What else is there.

I just want to feel the stabilized feeling in my mind.

I guess God, or The sacred universe or whatever name it is given is not really wanting me to have this at all.

Maybe to having nothing at all ever.

I give the universe an ultimatum, but I set it too far forward.

I think I am done.

Like blackened salmon.

cook me anymore and I will be bitter and dry.

I yearn. oh god how I yearn.  is this not what you want from me?  this pitiable wreckage?

fuck it all.


and fuck.

I am in a dark blue funk

And there is no one there to ease my sorrow, or yearning.

Once again.

I am alone.

It is all funk.


and funk.


3 thoughts on “Dark Blue Funk

  1. Sex does not create create a connection. It may fill one that is certain, will test any, and shatters those that are fantasy. No true love will make love to a woman or man who is not certain that it is their whole hearts choice.
    I wish you delight in both tears and laughter.

  2. No but sex is or at least should be a part of romantic intimate relationship. For me connection is on a spiritual level. I connected spiritually to the grandmother of a student, and to the tattoo artist recently, it was not the least bit sexual. In this case I am speaking of wanting to be intimate with a man whom I am smitten with.

    Thank you so much for your insight.

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