a handful of pebbles

A weight in the balance.

This handful of pebbles too small to do the damage.

And in this other hand.

Behold the heart

Still beating.

Watch as it pulses, gushing blood.

Love comes when you least expect it.

And leaves just as unexpectedly.

One pebble tossed ripples fading

When life throws you lemons….

And there a rock splashes.

No, a boulder.

fuck lemons and lemonade.

A prayer for mercy goes unanswered.

When all you have is a blessing

The treasures seem to shine so much brighter do they not?

I didn’t ask for a blessing, I was done with blessings.

So why was it offered?

This handful of shit.

I feel like I have been drinking salt water

Whenever I utter the name God.

Tired of being flicked detritus.

I am garbage?

Tired of crying out in anguish.

Throat hoarse.

Tired of the fountain from which this water flows


Tired of the snot that clogs my skull.


Tired of the silence of a ticking clock.


Lips parched from a thousand thousand prayers.

Each pebble falls and the ripples fade.

But the heart sewn together with a mattress stitch

Keeps being ripped apart.

Watch as it beats

Every pebble tossed is another spray of blood.

There is no magic of a skipping stone.

It just plunks.


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