Hindsight is 20/20

Looking back I can see it all so clearly.  Why can’t I see as clearly in the present as I do in the past?  First impressions.  They mean everything.  Hang dog.  Sad.  Nervous.  Ineffectual.  And perhaps an absence of integrity.  Oh I can see it now.  Bright.  Beautiful.  Shining.  I saw it then too.  But I also saw the potential.  Right?  The potential however is not always the reality.

Bullet dodged beautifully, like Wonder Woman’s bracelets, deflected.  Don’t waste one more second on this villain.


In a pique I do something I swore I would never do again.

And now?  Right now?

I am thanking my lucky stars.

Don’t know where it is going, but the potential?  Exponential.

And first impressions?  As I hold these warm and dry and big strong hands in mine, I look into eyes that reflect back intelligence, warmth, gentleness, and hear a voice that is liquid and friendly and masculine.

As I ride in a purple car, with a V8 engine, slow, so he can spend more time talking to me…

As I look at the computer to find something in reference to what we are talking about and arms wrap around me…

As he introduces me to his children…and the young man he allows to live in his house….

As I reach out to touch him, he does not jerk away, and as I softly caress his forearm he smiles happily with closed eyes.



I wrap my arms around his neck and tell him softly,

you are the first man I have ever dated.


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