My energy level is low, I am not sure why, but I feel deeply tired.  Like I cannot get enough sleep, like my muscles are weak and don’t want to move, as though suddenly the gravity has gotten heavier.  And I am irritable and whiny.

I am not eating well and my body has put up it’s protest.  Too much cheese, not enough fresh fruits and vegetables I guess.  I spend the whole day with symptoms of IBS finally leaving three hours early and taking a sick day today.  I sleep as late as the dogs will let me, and tell tale sign skip my morning coffee in favor of hot water with lemon and honey.  My daily banana, and for lunch today roasted yams, potatoes and pearl onions.  Dinner tonight sauteed zucchini, and a salad of radish red peppers and carrots.

I am seriously considering taking another day tomorrow.  I have a light load on Wednesdays, and something is up with my body, I have to go to the vet later and will take the time to get some juice and brothy soups.  Tomorrow, lentil stew.  Wholesome goodness, vegetarian options.

Not sure what is up, but at least I know how to nurture my body.


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