last week, in the bitter cold wind I met with an acupuncturist to see if I might find some relief.  After I was tired, as I read my book my head grew so heavy I could no longer hold it up.  And I slept like the dead, not waking or tossing and turning.  I had some relief from pain for 2-3 days, and slept marvelously all week.

i was in pain this morning, breaking down and taking 2 naproxen it is cold and damp, and rained most of the afternoon, and the wind was blowing garbage into the streets.

I emerged into the late afternoon from the sanctuary of bed warmers and heat lamps, forgetting in my state of relaxation that it was so damp and gross.  I felt like a well fed hobbit,

driving home I realized my knee/leg did not hurt.  Nor really the rest of me.

i had this feeling as I lay in the bed, I was talking and then my voice slowed and slurred and I did not want to speak anymore.  And I felt chalky.  I don’t have the words but like I was coated with oily dust.  Not in a bad way.

as though my synapses were not in an electric storm, like I was made of clay, like, my frayed parts were soothed and coated , like my brittle dry parts were rich with emollient.

And now now I rest.  Goodnight.


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