Vision Gained

I am now a week post op on my right eye and two weeks post op on my left.  That first week, with one eye myopic and one eye fixed was brutal.  The difference between the eyeglasses eye and the now normal eye was dizzying and walking felt like I was drunk.  I could not make out uneven surfaces, drive, read, paint, walk, it was awful.

As for my vision now, my left eye is pretty blurry.  My right is pretty sharp, but there is still some significant vision issues still happening for me.

I now have to wear readers.  My focal point used to be about an inch from my eyes, any thing clear had to be looked at an inch from my eye.  But now my focal point is very far out in front of me.  Driving is great.  I still have trouble seeing road signs to read them from far away, but familiar roads are fine.  The doctor says that it can take up to 4-6 weeks to get clear vision.  So I am waiting on that.

I tried on my Mom’s prescription bifocals this morning and it was super sharp.  They are clear on top for long distance vision, and the RX is on the bottom for reading and for her sewing and embroidery.  For me painting.  So I just have to go get reading glasses in a couple weeks.  For now I am using the drug store glasses.

I am really happy I did this surgery.  I am still a bit nervous about the near vision.  But the doctor assured me it would improve.  There is still some tenderness in my left eye, and swelling in my right.  I know I am not yet fully healed.

The doctor also talked to me about how my brain actually needs to learn how to see in this new way.  In the past my eye focused very close and with the help of eyeglasses now it has to focus out farther and with the ICL.

As for the surgery.  I was awake throughout.  I did not feel much.  Some pressure during the first one, and I remember grunting in pain, then I was given a pain block, this made my face feel numb like after oral surgery.  I was very happy though.  The high was quite pleasant, and nothing much bothered me.  Not even when the nurse threatened to steal my Halflinger clogs.





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