it is like a cold draft, it seeps in under doors, it crawls up your back.  You shudder and wrap your self, waiting for it to take you.

i find myself in bed at 645 at 715.  I find myself asleep on floors, on dog beds. Drool on my cheek, face mashed, neck stiff.

I sleep in discovering it is ten or eleven in the morning, only to curl up under a comforter again at four, or asleep in front of the tv at six.

In the middle of conversations I can feel my eyes closing despite my best effort to keep them open, books left mid sentence, a beer left warming and half full.

It gets into my bones, it buzzes like summer cicadas, it murmurs lovingly, it heats me, overtakes me, caresses me, sings lullabys and drones in my ear, sleep sleep.


Closed Door

a slip of petal pink over the frost blue flat of the lake

windows thinly glazed with ice

i sing aloud to my favorite songs

as i fly through the ice blue clouds

Snow on black trees

winding my way on a black road

my heart opens up

like a cage bird freed

i add a log to the fire

and lift my coffee mug off the top

i stand in the window

watching the sleek and shiny black

as she sniffs across the pure white snow

I still sometimes dream of you

but if i had to,

i would run

i lost nothing

and gained everything

i close the drafty door

and warm my hands

as i rest here

by the window.





I sit at my new desk top with fabulous extra large, no glare screen.  Photo images are gloriously crisp and sharp.  My fabulous fiance purchased a camera kit for me.  Have not yet used it to take pictures to paint, as I am still on no strenuous activity from my surgery.  Lots of pictures from the holidays though!  IMG_0011

I have just updated my artist blog meggregory.wordpress.com and my etsy site https://www.etsy.com/shop/MegGregoryArtist?ref=hdr_shop_menu.

IMG_0188 My vision is still not perfect, a bit blurry on my left eye still, right eye is pretty good. The one thing I have yet to get used to is NOT being able to see close up, at least I used to be able to see by closing one eye and hold my phone or a magazine about two inches from my eye.

Yesterday I purchased a magnifying glass with a light so I can read print, which honestly was getting pretty bad even before surgery.  Without my iPad reading would be very difficult.  The lighted magnifier helps significantly already.   Two weeks more to go before the right eye is done with medication, still healing so I will update later on.