Trial by a Jury of Your Peers or Fire Or Social Media (which is the worst)


I experienced trial by social media first hand this weekend.  And I am a bit stung by it.

There was a photo of a cat abandoned by the curb with a litter box and some supplies.  Which was in fact pretty abyssmal behavior, having grown up in the country, this is nothing new.  We rescued most of our animals from “drop offs” animals driven out to a farm in the country and abandoned.  Sadly there is nothing new under the sun.

I was trying (TRYING) to say that you should not really judge this because of an experience I had that was similar, but not the same where people judged me for the humane decision I made with the help of my veterinarian.  Of course being social media I did not carefully think out my response and I was reamed out for it.

“Roasted” was one word.  “Cunt” was another, “cock” was a third word used in the comments to flay me then tar and feather me virtually.

Some people will, according to the comments, allow their pets to defecate and urinate on their beds and still allow them to live in their homes.

Some people made assumptions and then put them onto my actual decision, adding a layer of horror to what I proportedly did.

And I was told to never adopt an animal again.  ( I guarantee you I will never willingly adopt a cat EVER again.)

Here are your choices when an animal inappropriately urinates or defecates in your home.

1. Take them to a vet and make sure there is nothing wrong with the animal.  (Cat had a UTI, medication given, when we could catch her which after the first three days, was nearly impossible to do on any schedule.)

2. Change placement of litter box.  Shurinated in the basement a litter box was placed right there.  She continued to urinate in my bedroom, in my closet, on clean laundry and my bed.  I kept the door closed and she was no longer allowed in the bedrooms.  She was allowed outside.  She still urinated inside on the ground floor.

4.  Change litter type.  Been there, done that.  Multiple times.

5.  Try pheromone collars, sprays, medication and room freshener etc. Done. All.

6.  Place cat in a separate location from other animals.  Done.  (Urinated and defecated for months in basement in the crawl space rather than the cat box.) .  She destroyed a sofa, a chair (urinated on them) and urinated on several throw rugs which had to be thrown away an installed rug was ruined, balls of yarn ruined.  Antique baskets ruined.  Urinated on original paintings.

Finally, litter box is placed in our bedroom and it stayed that way with only weekly innappropriate urinating for several months.

7.Try to rehouse cat.  Tried in several venues for over a year.  But no one wanted the cat.

9.  Call animal rescue groups.  (No one returned repeated calls).

10.  We took cat back to vet.  Repeated step one.

This is when daily inappropriate urination began.  At one point, my fiancé whom she adored and the feeling was mutual, was urinated ON by the cat, on his crotch as he lay in bed.  All laundry had to be put away off the floor at all times, dirty or clean.  So she began urinating regularly in the bed.

Washed sheets, bedding, comforters, mattress pads and covers numerous times in about six months.

Repeat vet visit.  Discuss options with vet.

Vet agrees with the option we choose, we give cat another chance.

And another.  And another.

Until one day I am in bed.  Litter box is clean next to bed.  Cat jumps on bed.  Urinates. Jumps down.

I do what the vet and I agreed was the best option for the cat.

I am excoriated for it in social media.

Now if the cat abandoner had done half of these things and chose not to do what I did, but instead placed cat with supplies on the curb, it would be enough in my opinion, but nonetheless is a horrible choice.  Either way it is a horrible choice.  Any choice other than keeping the cat is apparently a horrible choice.  Suggestion that people should not be judged in social media results in judgment.

According to social media, allowing the urination to continue is the ONLY choice.


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